Once upon a time, a little girl got the world's best present - a camera. Since her Dad and Grandad had cameras as well, she was pretty excited. Years later, shooting daily for and collaborating with creative passionate clients still makes her pretty darn excited. 

I gravitate towards the abstract, the incongruous, and the dramatic. Since photography is anything but a static endeavor, I always keep an eye out for something new to learn and add to my skills.

From my base in Southern California, I founded Incite Photography to specialize in editorial & commercial imagery with a focus on cultural travel, interior spaces, and edibles. Recently, I extended operations to include Austin, TX and beyond.

I'm incited to create memorable images at the intersection of wanderlust and culture or that match the vision you have for your start-up or established business.

Call, email, or leave a comment and let me know how we can work together.