Whether you're offering a home for sale, generating rental income, launching a product, or highlighting a service, professional photography will add value to your investment. Your custom image set will be composed, lit, and retouched in a way that draws attention without added distractions.

How should I prepare for shoot day?

You can find a printable checklist on this pageNote: A good stager is worth their weight in gold. If your budget doesn't extend to hiring one, take the time to fix or replace distracting elements. Extensive retouching in Photoshop is usually much more expensive in the long run. 

What about retouching / post-processing?

Before your shoot day, we'll talk about how you intend to use the final images. Maybe you just need them for the internet (email, social media, or web/blogsite) or have something more extensive in mind and will need print-ready as well. All of that will be worked out in our initial consultation.

Once your e-gallery is ready with proofing selections, you'll be able to see watermarked versions of the photos in the size(s) you'll need along with the custom retouching as determined by our initial discussion and your package agreement.  I encourage you to contact me at this stage with any questions about sizes and overall adjustments.

After you've made your selections, I'll open up the gallery for you to download all purchased final images. Any revisions requested after this point are subject to a fee.

What about HD? High res? HDR?

HD stands for High Definition and in photography that usually refers to a combination of high resolution, consistent color representation, and larger picture size.

High resolution images are better for large scale use and printing because they show more of the captured image data & finer detail and look sharper with better contrast. Low resolution photos, on the other hand, look great for web and mobile use and don't take as long to load. 

High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) is a process where several exposures are blended together to capture the best detail in the lightest and darkest areas.

I use my experience, creative skills, and the tools that best suit each project but avoid popular fads that can de-value your image set by making it look dated and/or unrealistic. 

Who holds the copyright for the images?

Package rates include creative and usage fees only. I retain copyright and ownership of all images. As part of our initial consultation, we'll discuss your needs and intended use (display) of the photographs I'll be creating to help market your business. You'll receive an agreement for signature which details the license extended for use of the images and payment terms.

Unlike personal snapshots and vacation pictures, commercial photography is non-transferable nor for resale unless an additional license is included in our agreement.

You can see the full terms and conditions here:http://www.incitephoto.com/commercial-photography-terms-and-conditions

As always contact me with any pre-shoot questions. See you on shoot day!