venice-60venice-60Venice Beach with lifeguard van facing boardwalk

Join us for the 4th Annual National Black Female Photographers' Day on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

This year we're taking the Westside by storm. Los Angeles Chapter members and guests will take their photo tour through historic Venice Beach including:

  • Venice Boardwalk
  • Muscle Beach
  • The rings, skate park, and basketball court
  • Mural 'Row'
  • Venice Canals Historic District

(Trust me, there's more but this is already more than 4 hours would allow.)

Come join in for what promises to be a day of fun and getting to know your fellow photographers. Kindly register online at the Black Female Photographers site since this helps with the head count. This is an open event - men & women and Los Angeles Chapter members & non-members alike are welcome.



Where will we meet? 

We'll meet up in front of the Bellissimo Venice Market (68 N. Venice Blvd Los Angeles CA 90291) @  9 a.m. Look for me - I'll be wearing a blue rubber wristband (or just look for women carrying cameras). Contact number: 310.826.5067 Contact email:

Bellissimo Venice is across the street from the public parking lot at North Venice Blvd and Pacific Ave (see map below).

Arriving by car: Parking in the public lot is $15 per day. (Street parking is limited on the weekends so carpool or show up early before the lot fills. Don't park in the library lot or risk getting towed.)

Arriving by bus: The Big Blue Bus (#1) stops at Pacific Ave & Venice Blvd

How difficult is the route?

Very easy, life's a beach as they say! Even still, bring comfortable walking shoes (hint: wear socks as well). Flip-flops plus glass shards just aren't pretty, neither are blisters.

We'll head toward the Canals first then loop back towards the Boardwalk finishing with a double-back onto the murals. Think of a large crazy 8. (See the map below for details.) 

What should I bring?

Pack your favorite body and lens(es). Don't forget backup memory cards, batteries, UV or Pola filters, WiFi adapters, etc. In short, whatever makes your froggy jump without weighing you down too much (no pack mules provided).  

Note: Venice Beach is chock-a-block with locals and tourists any day of the week. Mind your valuables like you would in any busy metro area. Also, we will be by sand and a huge body of water. Expect to see waterfowl, watercraft, semi-nude and/or quirky people - bring your sense of adventure and artistry.

On the practical side, this is Venice/Venice Beach in September - it may very well be warm or melting hot. So leave room in your bag for:

  • water bottle / sunscreen
  • phone / phone charger! / biz cards
  • money / TAP card
  • snack(s)
  • sense of humor

Will there be places to eat or stop and rest with the group?

Most certainly! If you want the full-SoCal beach experience, there's Seed Kitchen (organic vegan macro-bio). Or, if group tastes lean towards the meat-y, there's Danny's Venice. Our lunch spot will be decided that day by majority rule. Group rendezvous will be at Noon. Location: TBD, both are on Windward (see map below)

How can I see photos from the event?

BFP has an instagram where you'll be able to see images from the nationwide walking groups as the day progresses. Stay tuned for more information. Also, BFP's twitter hashtag is @blackfemphotogs