Congratulations! You've booked your shoot day - now it's time to start preparing for your Residential Interior/Exterior session. Since these images may be your customer's first impression, here's what you'll need to do to make it a great one.


Hire a service or enlist friends and family to thoroughly clean your property. Pay special attention to:

  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Kitchen / Dining Room
  • Office
  • Playroom or Entertainment Center
  • Windows and screens
  • Garden and lawn
  • Deck
  • Pool / Fountain
  • Gutters and curbs
  • Roof / Driveway

Repair or replace

Missing light bulbs or drawer pulls, scuffed walls and floors, holes, peeling plaster, paint, or wallpaper, shredded or broken window treatments, faded or worn linens, sagging shower curtains, etc. will all draw attention to the wrong area of a room. Your property is worth more than the small price of these improvements.


Hide or tape up cords and cables so they don't hang down and distract attention. Put away remote controls. Tidy up bookshelves. Your session time and investment are better spent allowing me to capture what's best about your home or property rather than waiting for items to be shuffled from one room to another.

On shoot day

  • Turn on all interior lights and lamps
  • Turn off ceiling fans and tv/computer monitors
  • Place toilet lids down and pick up bath and floor mats
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Clear all counter tops of personal grooming items 
  • Clear sinks and remove cleansers
  • Secure pet(s) and put away their toys, food/water bowls, and beds
  • Move trash cans to garage 
  • Coil hoses
  • Stage dining room and outdoor tables with place settings or centerpieces (optional)


Your care and creativity in preparing for our shoot let's me give you more custom image options. Whether you intend to sell your home or generate rental income, professional photography will add value to your investment.

Click here to get your own free printable Checklist.

As always contact me with any pre-shoot questions. See you on shoot day! 

Before and after images of custom kitchen